Creating a Phlebotomist Resume

Knowing how to create an impressive phlebotomist resume is of prime importance when you want to join the field of allied health care professionals as someone who is responsible for drawing blood from patients, prior to sending it over to the laboratory for testing. The more well-prepared and relevant your resume is, the greater the chances of you being able to get a job interview and eventually, a position as a phlebotomist.

What are the Basics of a Good Phlebotomist Resume?

In general, creating a phlebotomist resume entails the same set of skills needed to write a resume for other jobs being applied for. That is to say, you need to have a good command of the English language, and you need to understand that your phlebotomy resume is one of the initial tools that will [...]
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5 Highly Useful Phlebotomist Resume Writing Tips

If you’re thinking about joining the allied health care field as a phlebotomist (a technician who draws out blood from patients), congratulations on having a good head on your shoulders! Phlebotomists are in constant demand, but there are many others who, like you, are interested in getting that position. As such, it’s a smart move [...]
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The Best Places to Send Your Phlebotomist Resume

The Importance of Phlebotomy The origin of phlebotomy as a word is attributable to phleb or phlebo, the Greek word for vein or blood vessel, and toma or tomia, which is also Greek for “to make an incision or a cut.” In ancient times, bloodletting was a very important treatment modality that was meant to [...]
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Top 3 Things That Would Look Good on Your Phlebotomist Resume

Thinking about what would look good on your phlebotomist resume, something that’s enough to make a good impression without going overboard? Worry no more! Here are the top 3 things that would look good on a resume for phlebotomist. 1. Relevant Credentials Yes, it is true that there are institutions that accept the baseline requirement [...]
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